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MacHeist 3 Just Got Even Better

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Wow! I just received a message from MacHeist people – they give away licenses for Delicious Library 2 to everyone who purchased the MacHeist 3 bundle. I bought several days ago, as soon as I learnt about it on Twitter. It  includes several great applications I was already considering to buy on my own so I could not resist the temptation and bought the whole bundle for “the insanely low price of $39”.

MacHeist 3 Bundle

Don McAllister of ScreenCastsOnline.com did a great overview of the software packages comprising the bundle.

In my personal opinion, the best applications in the bundle are:

  • Acorn – powerful graphics editor, as in “PhotoShop for humans”
  • WireTap Studio – the ultimate recording utiltity, as in “podcaster’s dream”
  • Picturesque makes your images gorgeous, as in “wow! who did this?”
  • PhoneView opens up your iPhone, as in “16GB flash drive”

There are other great applications that I am also excited about – like BoinxTV, a TV studio in your Mac, and Espresso, a fresh new web development tool – but they have not been unlocked yet. Let us wait…

By the way, they say that 25% of all sales goes to charity, and you can even choose which charity organizations your money goes to. It is a great cause – keep up the good work, guys!

Anyway, I am blown away by the Delicious Library 2 deal – it feels like getting that shiny new toy you were dreaming of the whole year under the Christmas tree in your childhood. Wow!

Quick – only 4 days left! Go get your copy now.


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April 3, 2009 at 20:16

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Crazy Mac Collection

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or “The Man with One Hundred Macs”

Well, I would even call it an obsession – Jeremy Mehrle has 100 (!) Macs in the basement of his house in Missouri. It looks like he has every model Apple has ever manufactured – starting from the original Macintosh. He even has the famous 20th Anniversary Mac which had the $10,000 price tag at the time (but he bought it for $800, apparently).

Not only he has that many Macs but he keeps it neatly organized, well-lighted and powered. A perfect Apple museum, or Mac fan heavens!

Watch it at CNN.com

Written by Sergei Kolobov

August 24, 2007 at 13:44

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