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Mac Web Browsers

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Interestingly but Mac OS X platform has much more web browsers than I have ever used on Windows.

Let us see – on Windows I used Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox and Opera. Well, there are some other, less-known ones but I have never used them.

Now, on Mac I have used Safari, OmniWeb, Firefox, Camino, Flock, Opera and Shiira. Wow!

Some of them – Safari, OmniWeb and Shiira – are based on Apple’s WebKit engine, while Firefox, Camino and Flock are using Mozilla’s Gecko rendering engine. Opera stands out as the only one using its own engine.

All of these browsers look very nice. There are some rough edges in Firefox on Mac – unlike its Windows version Firefox has some problems displaying Russian (i.e. Cyrillic) fonts – they just look ugly, at half the width of other characters. Strangely, but Camino does not seem to have that problem. Moreover, I prefer Camino over Firefox for its better integration into Mac OS X – support for keychains, etc.

Flock is another interesting specie – it deserves a separate post. What it offers for web and media integration is just amazing.

OmniWeb is currently my favorite browser – mostly for two features not found in other web brosers – “graphical” tabs and workspaces. Graphical tabs shows thumbnails of pages in the tab bar as opposed to just page titles in other browsers. Since I normally have anywhere between 10 and 30 tabs open at any time this is very helpful for navigating between open tabs. Workspace allows you to create sets of open tabs and window settings. For example, I have Work, Personal, Research and Social workplaces. Switching to my Research workplace would put away anything that I have open in tabs and open up my last research session, restoring all its tabs, window settings, history, etc. Very useful for focusing on specific activity. Unfortunately, OmniWeb is not free – unlike other web browsers that are available free of charge, OmniWeb costs $14.95.

Shiira is an interesting browser developed in Japan. It has something similar to OmniWeb’s tab thumbnails. I have not been able to play with it a lot.


Written by Sergei Kolobov

August 29, 2007 at 14:11

Posted in Mac, Software

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